True beauty comes from within.

Relax your mind and body with Salts & Co range of bath & sleep products.

At Salts & Co we believe that a relaxed mind and pampered body will help enhance a feeling of well being that we all need.
Salts & Co have created a range of aromatherapy bath products that we believe will help do just that.

Nothing unwinds a stressed mind and body like a leisurely soak in an aromatherapy bath. Salts & Co bath salts are made using Epsom & Dead Sea Salts, essential oils and Egyptian Jojoba Oil.

We have created these to clean not only your body, but your mind, as you lay back and relax in a soothing concoction of salts and aromatherapy oils created by us, for you.

Choose from our Epsom Spiritual Bath Salts, Relax Bath Salts, Muscle Soak Bath Salts, Detox Bath Salts, Calm Bath Salts, Natural Bath Salts and our Breeze Bath Salts to cleanse your worries away.

Our Dead Sea Salts selection follows the seasons, you will find Autumn Dead Sea Salts with Bergamot, Sweet Orange & Frankincense, Winter Dead Sea Salts with Ginger, Juniper & Frankincense,Spring Dead Sea Salts with Rose & Neroli and Summer Dead Sea Salts with Patchouli Ylang Ylang & Lemongrass.

Of course we are not only about tranquility, we have added our special bath bomb mix to all of our aromatherapy bath products to make that soak in the tub a little more fun.

Once you have stepped out of the bath we believe that the experience should not end there.
Use Salts & Co pillow mists to help yourself get a good night’s sleep. Salts & Co pillow mists have more than one use, they can be sprayed onto your pillow to help you sleep or used as a room freshener to create a calming atmosphere. You can even use them to keep your drawer liners fresh.
All our pillow mists are aromatherapy sprays with a purpose in mind: Lavender and Bergamot to help you Relax, Eucalyptus and Frankincense to Soothe, Ylang Ylang and Rose to Dream and aid a good night’s sleep and Valerian Root and Hop to Calm you into a peaceful slumber.

Our aromatherapy products are home made and created with hands that care. As part of our commitment to the environment we use recyclable products and we can assure you that none of our products are tested on animals.

If you want to feel good about yourself then we suggest you start with the basics, a good night’s sleep and a calmed and quiet mind. Try one of our calming Bath Salts followed by a Pillow Spray and find yourself waking up feeling both cleansed and refreshed.

At Salts & Co, we create all our products with care with you, our customer, in mind.
Because of this we want all our customers to enjoy our products so we welcome your feedback.

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