Tips to Help you get the BEST sleep

Tips to help you get to sleep

Tips to Help you get the BEST sleep

Here are few tips, to help you get the most restful sleep possible.
Going to sleep is like enjoying a good meal, you need to prepare all the ingredients first, mix them all together and enjoy the benefits.

The ingredients:


Try to exercise regularly, if possible, but not before going to bed. A gentle walk everyday is a great way to stimulate the body and also see different things.
Don’t drink caffeine after midday and avoid alcohol and sedatives, they won’t help and will stimulate your brain later on.
Look after yourself, listen to your body. If you feel tired during the day, stop for a little bit and try to relax using mindfulness methods.


Your bedroom should be clean and feel cool. Nothing feels better than going into a fresh and clean bed.
Remove clutter from your bedroom, if there is mess, it will register in your head, and will create anxiety and negative feelings.
Open a window if possible, a little bit of fresh air will regenerate the oxygen available in the bedroom during the night.
Remove any distracting lights, close your curtains and dimer your alarm clock.
Our pillow mists can help you unwind, spray on your pillow just before bedtime to help you get a relaxing and restful sleep


Your mind and body need to relax. Take a warm bath using our Epsom or Dead Sea Salts. Natural aromatherapy oils have a calming effect, can provide relief from stress or anxiety and assist with muscle pains. Do some gentle yoga exercise or light stretching to remove all the tensions from the day.


Your mind needs to switch off from all the events of the day to allow you to start to relax and drift peacefully.
Open a book (or kindle) and choose a story that will help you think about something completely different from the events of the day.
You do not want to start making calculations or plan your meetings before sleeping.
Put some light background music on or play natural sounds(like waves or wind which have calming effects).
Our Lava Diffuser is the perfect companion for a GoodNight Sleep.
Close your eyes and start drifting, enjoy…

All our products are crafted from natural and sustainable origins with absolutely no artificial ingredients

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