2017 Aromatherapy Calendar Wall Planner

Aromatherapy Calendar

We are pleased to announce the release of our newly designed 2017 Aromatherapy Calendar & Wall Planner.
An improved design from last year which features a bigger date grid, the associated zodiac sign, the essential oils to use for the month and the four different moon phases.

The aromatherapy calendar also feature a list of aromatherapy essential oils to use during the moon phases, such as the full moon, the waning moon, the new moon and the waxing moon.

The aromatherapy calendar is available in 2 formats:

2017 Aromatherapy Calendar Digital Download  in A3 and A4 size

£4.79Read more

2017 Aromatherapy Calendar Digital Printed on A2 250g Silk Paper

£8.99Read more

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