Epsom Bath Salts Benefits

Epsom Bath Salts Benefits

The benefits of Epsom bath salts are vast, and at Salts & Co we know only too well how Epsom bath salts can relax the mind and ease the body, resulting in an overall feeling of wellbeing. Epsom bath salts have been used for centuries as a cure for many ailments, as well as a way of managing symptoms of disease. For a healthy person, Epsom salt baths are a great way to maintain wellness and reap the additional benefits that these mineral-rich salts provide.

When you use Salts & Co’s specialist Epsom Bath Salts, you also get additional therapeutic results thanks to our carefully developed essential oil blends that are added.

Let us share more about Salts & Co Epsom Bath Salt’s benefits with you;

Epsom Salts are Mineral Rich
Epsom Bath Salts have been shown to improve magnesium levels in individuals, which is a vital component of the body, but which is not always easily gained through eating even the mostly nutritious food. Epsom bath salts also increase sulfate levels, which is another vital mineral in the body, which can aid the liver in detox. As Epsom salts are rich in minerals, they are excellent for many aspects of health, including the skin.

Lowers Stress Levels
Epsom bath salts have a deeply relaxing effect, enabling deep relaxation for the body and mind. A bath in Epsom bath salts, especially in one of our relaxing bath bomb blends, can have a lowering effect on stress levels, which can in turn impact upon the general health as a whole.

Insomnia can be difficult to deal with, and sleepless nights can cause problems in all areas of life and health overall. A nightly soak in a bath of Epsom salts, in a Salts & Co blend such as RELAX (with Lavender, Peppermint and Lemongrass), or perhaps CALM (with Camomile, Valerian, and Lavender) is likely to aid a quality night of peaceful slumber.

Ease the Body
Bathing in Epsom bath salts eases muscles and joints, and the body in general. Be it a painful condition such as Arthritis or Fibromyalgia, bruises and sprains, or tired muscles due to overwork, an Epsom salt bath is just the thing. Any kind of sore points in the body, for any number of reasons, can be helped by Epsom salt baths.

Helps skin conditions
Common skin conditions such as Excema and Psoriasis can be helped greatly by Epsom Salts. Not only will the minerals help the body deal with skin problems from the inside, it is also beneficial to use the water topically, thanks to it’s soothing properties.

At Salts & Co, we have taken high quality 100% pure Epsom salts, and combined these potent mineral-rich salts with a unique blend of pure essential oils and Egyptian Jojoba oil, each blend targeted to a specific need in the individual. Check out our selection of Fizzy Bath Bomb Mix Epsom Bath Salts, we have something for everyone. At Salts & Co, we believe in offering an overall experience, for body mind and soul, and that is why we have developed specific Epsom bath salts with therapeutic blends of essential oils.

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